When the Tigers acquired Jhonny Peralta from the Indians at the trade deadline during the 2010 season, they weren’t asking for much in return for their former all star shortstop. In fact, Cleveland agreed to pay Peralta’s salary for the remainder of the season, less a pro-rated share of the major league minimum (which the Tigers saved when they made room for him on the roster). The Indians received little known pitching prospect Giovanni Soto, a former 21st round draft pick who hadn’t been heard from before then and hasn’t been heard from since. Peralta had been viewed by Cleveland management as a key to their success. "I don't think there's a more important position player, or a more pivotal position player, to our club's success next year than Jhonny Peralta," said Shapiro, at the general managers' meetings (after the 2009 season) "It would be an extreme challenge for us to be a championship-caliber team with Jhonny playing, offensively and defensively, the way he did last year (2009)," Shapiro said. "Shortstop is just too pivotal a position to have that kind of performance."