Virginijus Seskus isn’t in the market to become the next Luke Walton. As detailed in a lengthy piece from Bleacher Report, the head coach of Lithuania’s Prienu Vytautas isn’t pushing 16-year-old LaMelo Ball to reach his full potential at the moment, fearing the wrath of his loudmouth father, LaVar. “It’s his first time away from home. It’s his first time playing grown-men basketball, so there’s a lot of pressure from everywhere else, and I don’t want to put on extra pressure yet,” Seskus said via a translator, assistant coach Marcus Leonavicius. When asked if the reason has more to do with Ball family, Seskus smiled. “Yeah,” Seskus said. “There is some truth in it.” After pulling his second son, LiAngelo, out of UCLA in December following a shoplifting incident in China that led to the 19-year-old’s indefinite suspension from the team, LaVar looked to Eastern Europe, where his two youngest children signed professional contracts with the Lithuanian basketball club.