We’re not sure when Ted Lasso’s third and (maybe) final season will drop, but it’s never too early to start preparing for how you’ll fill the void once it ends — and this week provides the perfect opportunity. AFC Richmond won promotion back up to the Premier League at the end of the show’s second season, but the real thing kicks off on Friday for another year with plenty of comedy and drama of its own. So if you’re one of the many Ted Lasso fans who haven’t gotten invested in the real-life Premier League just yet, now’s the time to dive in — if only so you’ll be prepared for all the new details sure to be included in season three.

Ted Lasso’s landmark licensing deal with the Premier League means lines between the two will be blurred more than ever when it does return. Announced last October, and worth as much as £500,000 ($680,000), the deal allows the show to go all-in on with AFC Richmond’s promotion: they can now use Premier League archive footage, logos, kits and, notably, even the trophy. 

It’s not the only major licensing deal for the show ahead of the third season. Nike has been tapped to outfit the fictional club, so it might be slightly easier for American fans of the show to source a Richmond kit than some of the real Premier League teams later on this year.

So, if you’re an American viewer ready to spend some weekend mornings watching footy (no one will judge if you drink a beer at 7 a.m. here), we’ve got the complete Ted Lasso-inspired guide to the Premier League.


How to watch in the U.S. 

If you have the brain space to add an email login and password for another streaming service, then get to know Peacock. You’ll quickly understand that the most tantalizing games of the weekend are not accessible for the average cable subscriber, but buried within the depths of this app’s colorful feathers. Unless you opt to support Nottingham Forest (honestly, kudos if you do), you might find yourself ponying up the $4.99 a month to make sure a Liverpool-Manchester City meeting is viewable. 

If you care to live dangerously, you can check the TV Guide app to see when the USA Network interrupts its blocks of Law & Order SVU episodes to air select matches. 

Of course, following along with The Athletic’s unrivaled Premier League coverage will keep you on top of all the storylines and tactical battles, but if you want to accelerate your fandom, there may be no better way to keep yourself invested from week to week than by signing up for a fantasy league. The potential shame of dropping points is a great motivator for some — and if you need some help as a beginner, we’ve got you covered (start here though).


Who to support: The four primary paths

If you’re letting the show guide your real-life Premier League journey, there are four main clubs to consider supporting: 

Crystal Palace: This South London club is essentially the basis for AFC Richmond, even though Crystal Palace exists in the show’s universe (Richmond loses to Palace in episode two). Nelson Road Stadium is actually Palace’s Selhurst Park, and Ted Lasso executive producer/writer Bill Wrubel is the nephew of one of the club’s owners, according to co-creator Bill Lawrence. 

“We had to find a Premier League team that would let us use their facilities and what we would base our team on: a local, community team as opposed to any of the big juggernauts,” said Lawrence. And since it was stipulated that they had to shoot in London, Crystal Palace fit the bill.

Although Palace doesn’t have an American manager (their French manager, Patrick Vieira did coach New York City FC in MLS for a short time, though), they do now have an American player in Chris Richards, who took an interesting path to the Premier League himself.