At this time three years ago, it was fairly well known that the Redskins would draft tackle Trent Williams out of Oklahoma with the fourth pick in the draft. Two years ago, there was plenty of noise coming from the Redskins, including a rumor that they trade up from the 10th overall spot in order to draft Blaine Gabbert. It was all smoke, of course, as the Redskins bypassed a chance to take Gabbert and traded down instead. A year ago, there was the loud sound of cheering as the Redskins were set to draft their franchise quarterback in Robert Griffin III. What are the sounds coming out of Redskins Park this week? Crickets. There haven’t been any names floated out there as rising or falling on the Redskins’ draft board. No word of any sleeper picks being tossed around. No talk of trading up or down. There aren’t even any credible lies being leaked out of Ashburn. This could change tomorrow afternoon, when Mike Shanahan delivers his league mandated pre-draft press conference. Well, I mean the last part could change, the part about lies being disseminated. There is zero chance that Shanahan will veer into the truth at any point. The big difference between this and previous Shanahan drafts here is that the team doesn’t have a first-round pick. This is largely uncharted water for Shanahan. Only once since 1996 has he not had a first-round pick (2005). Not much credible smoke can be spread around when 50 players wil be out of the draft pool before the Redskins draft.