Resembling his high-school yearbook photo more than the guy who set up games for the Chicago White Sox last season, Matt Thornton has been sporting an entirely new look this spring. It's not the way he has been dressing or even the style of his haircut. Instead, Thornton appears to have gone all time machine on everybody after dropping at least 22 pounds during the winter. "I'm definitely a younger version of myself," Thornton said. "But it's one of those things where you want to be as good as you can and take care of yourself as much as possible. I can have my fun when my career is over so I'm doing what I can to help the team." It seems that Thornton was actually able to hide his weight loss when he appeared at SoxFest last month sporting some serious facial hair. "I hid underneath the beard," said Thornton, who stands 6 feet, 6 inches. "I was about 220 (pounds) when I was at SoxFest but the beard was hiding it. Nobody even said a word about how much weight I had lost. I think I left last season about 240, 242 when the season was over last year.