In case you haven't heard, Joel Embiid joined the ranks of giants last night when he posted a 50-point game in only 27 minutes of play. For comparison, he played one minute more and put up two fewer points than Klay Thompson when he went absolutely nuclear against the Bulls a few years back. Embiid's achievement is equally as impressive and arguably more so considering the following:

A) He is not playing with Stephen Curry or Draymond Green or anyone even close to that level.

B) He is five inches taller and 60 pounds heavier than Thompson.

C) He hit only one three-pointer on the night, as opposed to Thompson's record-setting 14 makes from deep in 2015.

Embiid became the first player in NBA history to put up that many points while collecting at least 10 rebounds in only 27 minutes on the floor. It was masterful. It was dominant. It was whatever adjective you want to substitute. Even in today's fast-paced NBA, even with the plethora of highly-skilled scorers that populate rosters, it was an exceedingly rare performance, the type of night where it's very easy to envision a future in which the Sixers are champions with Embiid hoisting the O'Brien Trophy.