Anyone who wondered about the ability of Doug Collins to adapt, to change his coaching style to best suit the new personnel that his (literally his, Collins is very involved) front office acquired over the offseason, need not look further than his wardrobe. Collins, who is entering his third season at the helm in Philly, decided to go the route of Gregg Popovich and ditch the necktie. And why does this fashion move, which many will chalk up in amusement to the 61-year-old coach simply "not giving a shit" about how he looks anymore, in anyway correlate to his coaching style? Because similar to the collar on his dress shirt, Collins seems to be loosening up as a coach. And that is precisely what his team needs to be successful right now. While franchise big man Andrew Bynum is out for an unknown period of time, it's up to Collins and his team to hold the proverbial fort until their major reinforcement is healthy. With a fairly friendly schedule to start the season, the goal is to keep the team afloat, at or around .500, until Bynum is healthy enough to play.