The 76ers’ first-overall pick needs to clarify why he’ll miss his 54th consecutive game Sunday due to what the team is calling “shoulder rehabilitation.” However, Fultz really isn’t playing because he lost his outside shot. The longer the point guard remains silent, the more there will be speculation, which has led to source-driven stories about him circulate. Fultz needs to answer the following questions: How did the scapular muscle imbalance somehow affect his shot when the same condition didn’t force others to change their shot? If this is indeed a mental thing, what triggered it? Who are the people teammate Joel Embiid referred to when he said “I don’t feel like a lot of people … have had his back”? Are the reports true that his mentor and trainer, Keith Williams, changed his shot? Fultz tweeted out “You can’t believe everything you hear” followed by a laughing emoji on Feb. 13 in response to The Athletic’s report that Williams significantly altered his jump shot over the summer. Fultz also tweeted “Stop capping !!!” Capping is a slang word for lying. The Athletic, however, had multiple sources stating that his shot was worked on. Williams denied that he’s made significant changes to Fultz’s jump shot. Some, within the organization, have since said they doubt that Fultz’s shot was altered. The organization believes Fultz has developed a hitch over time and his case of the yips is strictly mental. Sources around the NBA have said people inside the Sixers organization have been telling league colleagues the same thing since October. However, let’s not forget what led reporters to investigate the obvious poor mechanics and alterations in his foul shooting and jump shots. Once they shut him down in late October, the Sixers speculated in their subsequent media availabilities that someone could have changed Fultz’s shot when he was back home in Maryland in August. So who and what can you believe? Fultz could clear this all up. Fultz is the one person who knows what happened, who knows his mental makeup, and who knows the people in his life. However, the team still hasn’t provided an opportunity for him to separate fact from fiction with the local media.