The first half of the 2012-13 season couldn’t have gone much better for the Spurs. Sure, there were speed bumps. The wrath of David J. Stern. Tim Duncan’s injury scare. The perpetual bumps and bruises of Manu Ginobili. The lengthy absence of Kawhi Leonard. Home-and-home losses to the Clippers and Knicks. That ill-advised Halloween photo. Through all that and the road-heaviest schedule in the NBA, the Spurs persevered to register the league’s best record at 42-12. They’re in prime position to stay there with 17 of their final 28 games at home, compared to 14 of 29 for Oklahoma City and 15 of 32 for Miami — both of whom remain favored by Vegas to reach the Finals. While the Spurs have flamed out with homecourt advantage in each of the past two seasons, there’s plenty of reasons to think this year will be different. And there’s still a few nagging doubts why it won’t. With the start of the second leg of the Rodeo Road Trip looming tomorrow night in Sacramento, let’s run through a few on either side of the ledger.