After a 2011 season where he lost time to a couple of hand injuries and to a cautious management, who didn't want to call him up from the minors too soon, we all had pretty high hopes for Brett Lawrie. He hit .347/.414/.647 in Vegas and then .293/.373/.570, with 9 home runs and 7 stolen bases in 43 games with Toronto, So I guess we can be forgiven for being overly optimistic in out hopes for his 2012. And boy were we. Our season would have had been so much better if he had the .500 slugging average that most of us expected to see, considering that, after Bautista went out if the injury, Edwin was our lone consistent offensive force. Fangraphs had him at a 2.9 WAR, a lot of it coming from his defense, giving him a value of $13.1 million to the Jays. Baseball Reference had him at a 4.1 WAR. He had a ,312 BABIP, similar to his .318 mark from last year. Comparing to 2011, Brett had fewer walks, 6.2% from 9.4 % (it seems like everyone on the team walked less this year), struck out less, 16.0% from 18.1%. We all know his isolated power dropped through the floor, .132 from .287. Brett had more line drives, 20.0% from 16.9%, many more ground balls, 50.2% from 38.1% and fewer fly balls, 28.8% from 44.9%. Fewer infield flies, 9.0% from 13.2% and fewer of his fly balls became home runs, 9.0% from 17.0%.