As expected, the Chicago White Sox are a rebuilding team in the middle of an ugly 2017 season. Over the last 10 months or so they've traded away basically every veteran with value for prospects except Jose Abreu, and the result is a bare bones roster that comes into Wednesday with baseball's second worst record at 42-68. The good news: the White Sox have a loaded farm system. ranks it the No. 1 farm system in baseball. The bad news: the White Sox are terrible and not much fun to watch. That's the downside of rebuilding. No one likes to watch losing baseball, and over the last month or so, no one has lost quite like the ChiSox. Here are the five worst MLB records since July 3: White Sox: 5-23 Reds: 11-20 Braves: 11-19 Giants: 12-19 Diamondbacks: 12-17 Yeesh. The White Sox have five wins since July 3 and no other team has fewer than 11. Chicago is playing at a 133-loss pace over their last 28 games. Brutal. Just brutal. Even with Yoan Moncada up and Reynaldo Lopez slated to start Friday, watching a team lose that much gets real old, real fast if you're a fan. The White Sox have nothing to play for over the final seven or so weeks of the regular season other than draft position -- they are currently one game back of the Phillies in the race for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 draft -- though their opponents sure do. Aside from the AL West, the postseason races are pretty wide open in the AL, and the White Sox will be a factor in the AL Central and wild-card races. As of Wednesday morning the Indians have a four-game lead over the Royals in the AL Central while three teams are tied for the second wild-card spot and three others are within two games of the second wild-card spot. The AL wild-card race is shaping up to be a doozy.