The Dallas Mavericks have put together one of the most impressive and promising young cores in the league. Led by Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before they start competing for an NBA Championship.

Nevertheless, they’re currently on a tough spot. They’re too good to tank but not good enough to make it to the Finals yet. That means they’re going to be stuck with middle-to-low first-round picks in the Draft while not yet being a prime destination for top-tier free agents.

Thus, Mark Cuban needs to roll the dice and try and make a run this offseason to pair his two young studs with another star. It won’t be easy considering the lack of assets they have to offer but we’ve already seen him work his magic in the past. Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 3 realistic and unrealistic targets for the Dallas Mavericks:


Realistic Targets

We’ll get to the realistic targets first. All of these guys may be up for grabs come summertime. So, getting them will depend on how much are the Mavericks going to be willing to give up and whether they’re ready to commit on spending a lot of money to keep them on board for the foreseeable future.


Kevin Love

Cavaliers receive: Tim Hardaway Jr, Justin Jackson, 2020 First Round Pick, 2025 First Round Pick

Mavericks receive: Kevin Love

People tend to forget how good Kevin Love was in Minnesota. He embraced a lesser role with the Cleveland Cavaliers but he’s still the same dominant scorer and rebounder he used to be. Paired with Porzingis, they’d have quite the dynamic frontcourt and a tough one-two punch in the paint.

Love is by no means a rim protector, nor a physical stopper but he knows how to make the most of his length in the defensive end, especially in help defense. The Mavs would get a proven All-Star, while the Cavs would get two first-round picks plus the last year of Tim Hardaway Jr’s contract.