Starter, closer or middle relief? For as long as he has worn pinstripes, Joba Chamberlain's role on the Yankees' pitching staff has been the subject of intense debate, which the righty himself re-ignited yesterday. Although GM Brian Cashman brushed aside Chamberlain's remarks, perhaps he should start taking them more seriously? If the Yankees want to salvage what remains of Joba's value, it's time for him to be a closer or a starter...on another team. Blame whomever or whatever you want for his lack of development, but at this point, Chamberlain is too far down the depth chart at both starter and closer to merit either job in pinstripes. However, it's easy to understand why he wants to gravitate toward either the beginning or end of the game. That's where the action is. The money is there as well. An impending free agent, the right hander realizes that a big payday won't be in his future unless starting or closing games is as well.