Jeff Fisher knew it. Anyone who watched the Rams probably shared the sentiment. Last October, shortly after the Rams improved their record to 3-1, documentary cameras captured then-coach Fisher as he told his assistants, “If we stay doing what we’re doing, we’re not going to win another (bleeping) game.” Fisher got fired two months later and the Rams finished 4-12. So, here they go again. The Rams, after Sunday’s upset victory at Dallas, are 3-1. NFL teams in that situation, historically, make the playoffs approximately 60 percent of the time. The Rams are the league’s highest-scoring team and they’re having fun on and off the field. Isn’t there a slight risk of overconfidence? “No. No,” offensive lineman Jamon Brown said Sunday. “Because look at last year. We dropped the next four. That humbles you. We will take those experiences from last year and learn from them.” Last season, 13 NFL teams started 3-1 or 4-0, and eight made the playoffs. Of those 13, only the Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles (7-9) failed to finish with a .500 record, and even 8-8 would be a major step forward for a Rams team that hasn’t reached that level since 2006. Improbably, though, expectations have been raised for the Rams, who host Seattle on Sunday.