There are several methodical steps that Buffalo's new coaching staff is currently taking as they get their respective offensive and defensive systems implemented. While both sides of the ball bring in very distinct plans for what they intend to execute come the fall, now is also the time where those plans on refined and tweaked to most effectively fit the Bills roster. "Obviously I was looking for people that were great teachers, have a lot of energy, that can develop players and that can communicate well," said Bills head coach Doug Marrone. "Communication is big. Being able to keep going forward, being able to bring points up, not have any hurt egos. I think that's really important." Marrone is encouraging dialogue in the offensive and defensive meeting rooms right now because he knows if you remain stagnant with your schemes in the NFL the league will pass you by. Marrone and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett's offense was very successful at Syracuse, but what changes might it need to be effective in the NFL? Is there enough of the personnel needed on hand to continue the success they experienced at their previous stop? If not can they acquire it?