Only one can imagine what the NBA would be like without any sort of parity. Especially for a franchise like the Los Angeles Lakers, it seems like they have had all the best players throughout NBA history. Of course, that isn’t true but it would be interesting to see if the Lakers were not tied to any particular salary cap.

Let’s face it, the Lakers are one of the flashiest franchises and truly one of the most popular sports teams that have ever existed. If they had a $100 million salary cap, how would their team look like today?

We have four rules:

– The best player must lead the original team (LeBron James)

– Max 2 players from each team

– Max 3 rookie players

– Max $100 million salary cap

Starting with the signing of current superstar LeBron James, it is time to create the perfect Lakers team with a $100 Million salary cap limit. In order to recreate showtime and create an NBA monopoly built in Los Angeles, here are the players chosen for the $100 million Lakers squad.




Damian Lillard – $29,802,321

An easy pick for the point guard position is Damian Lillard. He is a bonafide superstar offensive player, averaging 28.9 PPG and 7.8 APG for the Portland Trail Blazers. His ability to shoot the ball from anywhere on the court match as well alongside LeBron James, and he would be the clutch shot taker and maker for this team.