There is plenty of team-related drama that goes down in the NFL during Week 17, as witnessed by the wild finish to the Bengals-Ravens game that cost Baltimore a playoff spot. But there is also individual drama as well, with players battling to achieve season-long contract incentives. One such player was Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who came into Week 17 needing either 11 receptions or 116 receiving yards against the Jets in Week 17 in order to trigger a $2 million incentive bonus. Unfortunately for Gronk's wallet, his name is nowhere to be found in the box score. That's right -- not even a target for the tight end. One could easily picture the Patriots leadership doing a Monty Burns "exccccccellent" finger thing at the idea of stashing away $2 million here, but it's not like Gronk was one reception away from achieving the bonus and suddenly benched. 11 catches is a monster game; Brandin Cooks led the Pats with 11 targets against the Jets and he still didn't hit the catch or yards number.