We close out our look at the offensive evaluations with a peak at the offensive line. I think the way any given Packer fans sees the offensive line comes down to whether that individual is an optimist or a pessimist. An optimist will probably view the line as something needing upgrading, but primarily upgrades to depth and center are needed more than anything else. To justify this point you’ll hear arguments about generally good pass protection, the ability to give three seconds for most plays, and high rankings in pass protection for the unit from various websites (most notably PFF). Oh, and injuries. You’ll hear a lot about injuries and how those injured players should be back and contributing next year. Meanwhile the pessimists will talk about the Packers needing two to three starters AND multiple backups for the offensive line. Those giving this argument will bring up an abnormally high amount of sacks (second most in the league); the dire need to protect Aaron Rodgers, and the Packers abysmal running game. Those arguments have been hashed out many times over the past couple weeks and will probably continue until the kickoff of the first preseason game for the Packers (or longer). It’s against this backdrop we get our glimpse of how the line may look for 2013. I have to admit to being a bit more of an optimist in this analysis, but it’s hard to deny the serious questions surrounding this unit. I’ll warn you, it doesn’t get much prettier when we actually look at who is under contract for next year.