Last week we looked at some players who were prime regression candidates, for both good and bad reasons.

It's an especially useful mental exercise to go through at this point of the season, because we're at a crossroads point of sorts in the calendar. We now have enough of a sample to reliably evaluate performance, but we're also left with more than enough time to turn things around if all of the other performance indicators suggest a change is coming.

Just because someone has been producing in the early going doesn't necessarily mean he'll continue to do so. Especially if the process hasn't been there, and he doesn't have something concrete to fall back on should the bounces stop going his way. Just as in life, luck in sports is great while you have it, but it can be quite fleeting.

That same logic applies when stretched out to the team level. While points banked in the standings are all that matters when it comes to determining team success, how teams got there can tell us just as much about how successful they are going to be moving forward.

So let's stick with that theme by digging beyond the wins and losses to get a better sense of how well teams have been playing, and where they're headed. Whose underlying numbers don't match up with the results they've received so far?