No game is ever perfect, and hockey seems to tinker with its rules more and more every year.

Everyone seems to have an idea of how to make the game they love just a little bit better.

Even the players, who sounded off about coaches’ challenges, offside reviews, icing and the shootout in interviews with the Star when they were asked what changes they would make if they had the power.

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews, for example, would like to get rid of the offside review.

“It drives me nuts,” said Toews. “Let the refs do their job. If you miss a call by half an inch and you can still tell on a camera it’s offside somehow, is that really what made the difference? To me, the blue line is there so no one can hang out at the circle while the play is in the other zone.”

Vladimir Tarasenko of the St. Louis Blues would go even further, trying to find a way to wind back the clock and get rid of the idea that a coach can challenge the validity of a goal.