Each year team owners meet with the NFL Competition Committee to discuss ways to improve or alter the game of football. Sometimes these are minor tweaks to the game, while on other occasions they have a profound effect on the league as a whole. Past elements like like helmet-to-helmet hits, player celebrations, and moving the placement of the kickoff have changed the NFL as we know it.

This year 12 rules were proposed by either the Competition Committee or an individual team, with a final list of six new or modified rules being settled on through owner vote. So what are they, how did they change, and what does it mean for the league?

Rule No. 1: “By Competition Committee; to amend Rule 16, to eliminate overtime in the preseason.”

What does this mean? Simply put, there will be no overtime period in preseason games moving forward.

How did this change? Rule 16 simply laid out how preseason games would be conducted, which mirrored regular season matchups.

How will it impact the NFL? I don’t think anyone was invested enough in preseason results to care who actually won or lost games enough to care about overtime. Sure, it could mean we see more official games end in ties. This rarely happens as is — but without anything on the line in terms of playoff positioning, this is more a play for media partners to have more regular programming, and for everyone to put an end to meaningless games sooner.