It has been an ongoing issue for two seasons now with the NFL losing viewers for various reasons. While many pointed to Colin Kaepernick and his stance to kneel during the National Anthem which caused hundreds of other players to follow suit, you’d also have to count in the fact that many people have been turned off from the sport because of the mixing of politics. Donald Trump’s strong stance against the league caused many of his supporters to boycott the league while others boycotted because of kneeling or Colin Kaepernick being blackballed. Whatever the reason may be, it caused the NFL to lose a reported $30 million in ad revenue during the 2017 season, due to a 10 percent drop in NFL ratings. Those dropped ratings caused the league to repay advertisers money that was charged to them due to the viewership not hitting expected numbers of the rate charged. Via AdWeek: “In-game NFL advertising revenue during the regular season declined 1.2 percent this year, to $2.42 billion, down from $2.45 billion in 2016.