The James Harden situation in Houston is quickly coming to a breaking point as the malcontent superstar said in no uncertain terms that nothing can be fixed with the Rockets last night. It does not appear Harden is going to quietly go about his business while the team works to trade him for an acceptable package. Something's gotta give.

Thus, rumors have begun to circulate once again about the Brooklyn Nets' interest in Harden. The latest report comes from Nick Wright, who says that the Nets are still very interested in the former MVP and will give up anyone not named Kevin Durant to acquire his services.

Brooklyn is currently dealing with the issues of their own mercurial superstar in Kyrie Irving, who has dropped off the grid entirely and hasn't played a game in over a week. That's why Houston has no interest in a Harden-for-Kyrie swap. They aren't going to trade one player who doesn't want to be in a Rockets uniform and isn't afraid to act like it for another.