The NBA was peeved this week, according to Cavaliers general manager David Griffin, after the team decided to rest LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love for a nationally televised game against the Clippers, a game the Cavaliers lost 108-78. A day later, the Big 3 went off for 101 combined points in a win against the Lakers, showing exactly what the team missed the day before in the rout to the Clippers. “Yeah, they were not happy,” Griffin said. If the NBA wants its stars to play in its biggest televised games, they need to give the teams a reason to play those top stars. Right now there isn’t one, so we get the following situation time and time again: Fans tune in to see a big game between two great teams, fans are rightfully disappointed they don’t get to see that, NBA impotently chastises the teams for resting stars, teams acknowledge the bad situation and don’t do anything about it. Around and around we go.