Mike Rizzo said something today during an interview with MLB Network radio that I had been meaning to point out (I e-mailed myself a note about it and everything, Rizzo just beat me to it) about the Nationals' center field situation. That is: This year's center field free agent class is barren, and next year's looks like it'll be loaded. "We see the 2013 free agent class at center field is much stronger than it is for the 2012 season," Rizzo said. We know [Jayson] Werth can handle the center field position. It's not a perfect world for us. … We recognize that we need a true gliding, defensive, rangy center fielder out there in a perfect world. As far as the 2012 season we're not going to make a kneejerk reaction and lock ourselves into anything long-term if it doesn't make sense for us."