In their Opening Day lineup and the first trip through the starting rotation, the 2013 Blue Jays will likely feature at least six players who didn't play a single game with the team or its affiliates in 2012: Josh Johnson, R.A. Dickey, Mark Buehrle, Jose Reyes, Melky Cabrera, and either Emilio Bonifacio or Maicer Izturis. We all knew that the Jays have had massive turnover, but even with the Jays having had to build their organization from the thin pickings of an expansion draft, the 2013 team will be the team's most changed. Throughout the 1980s the Blue Jays were about as static as a sports team can be, calling up players as they became ready and keeping them there - Dave Stieb, Jimmy Key, Josh Jesse Barfield, George Bell, Tony Fernandez, Fred McGriff -- until by the latter half of the decade, they'd built up a very good team. There was a burst of activity in the early 1990s that turned that very good team into a two-time Series champion, followed by another much-less successful all-out effort in the late 90s. After that, other than the ill-fated binge in 2006 that brought Lyle Overbay, Troy Glaus, and more, there simply hasn't been much reason for the Jays to make a ton of moves before now -- they were simply too far behind the best teams in the East -- and, one assumes, nothing like the Marlins deal presented itself.