Hockey analyst Cam Charron joined hosts Matt Larkin and Tyler Yaremchuk on Thursday’s edition of Daily Faceoff Live. When asked whether Aleksander Barkov was an appropriate recipient of the NHLPA’s most underrated player award, Charron gave an interesting alternative choice. Given his lack of recognition in recent seasons, future Hall-of-Fame center Sidney Crosby was Charron’s pick.

Matt Larkin: Cam, I wanted to pivot and ask you about the NHLPA Player Poll that came out earlier this week. Aleksander Barkov was picked as the most underrated player in the NHL. This is a guy who was captain of the President’s Trophy winners last year, he’s got a Selke Trophy. What do you think of that idea of Barkov being “underrated?”

Cam Charron: I think it’s an awful thing that we just make the best player on a Sun Belt team the most underrated, I don’t think that’s how we should think about it at all. I don’t think any casual fan wouldn’t be able to tell you that Aleksander Barkov is a top-10, top-5 center in this league, and I think it really stretches the definition of what underrated means.