As much as we love numbers in baseball, there is nothing like a breathtaking highlight.

Sure, the name of the game is winning, and every player's goal should be to contribute in such a way. But for the spectator, this is about entertainment and having fun.

Whether your team is competing for a division title, a wild-card spot or planning for the future, the least it owes is to entertain.

Sometimes, this includes doing the splits to avoid being hit by a pitch, just before striking out. Other times, it might mean a dejected starting pitcher throws his belt at an umpire after those awkward foreign-substance checks.

Whatever the case, let's take a look at the most entertaining MLB players with one month left in the regular season.

Keep in mind, these are not necessarily the best players this season. Our lists can be different, especially with so many qualified players.


Liam Hendriks

You might remember this cool thing where select All-Stars this year were mic'd up during the game. Not just the way we're used to, but some of them conducted interviews while they were on the field.

When Chicago White Sox reliever Liam Hendriks was live in the ninth inning, he could not hear the booth, and therefore he had no idea the entire world could hear him.

So Hendriks appeared to ignore questions from broadcasters and let the cuss words fly, which he would tell you was totally on-brand.

In addition to the theatrics, Hendriks has successfully converted six straight save opportunities since Aug. 16. Across 10 innings in that span, Hendriks held opponents to a single run with a 13-to-1 strikeout-to-walk ratio.


Trea Turner

How did the Los Angeles Dodgers' newly acquired Trea Turner respond to a throwing error which tilted the scale against the San Francisco Giants last Friday? By showing up the next day with a leadoff home run and a perfect defensive outing.

Earlier in Friday's game, Turner's bat slipped out of his hand after offering at a 1-2 pitch, and he had fun with a fan who considered keeping the bat.

See, Turner gets it.

As one of MLB's wins above replacement leaders, he definitely contributes to winning.

But in the entertainment aspect of the game, Turner does it with the best of them.

Need proof? Look no further than what has to be the coolest slide we've seen all year.


Lance Lynn

The White Sox's All-Star pitcher landed on the 10-day injured list with knee inflammation toward the end of last month, but he's been plenty entertaining in his time on the mound this year.

A known innings-eater, Lance Lynn hit the ground running on the South Side, tossing the first home-opener shutout in 45 years.

While he was touched up by the crosstown-rival Chicago Cubs in his most recent outing, the knee issues hampered his last several starts.

Lynn, who would get more consideration for the American League Cy Young Award if not for Gerrit Cole, was candid in his reaction to giving up seven runs to the Cubs.

He called it "just a s--tty" night on my part" and noted "it's not good to suck."

When he's not holding himself accountable for bad performances, Lynn might call out an umpire for an untimely foreign-substance check and toss his belt at the official in disgust.

Here for it.


Giancarlo Stanton

No one has hit a baseball harder than Giancarlo Stanton this year, as his maximum exit velocity of 122.2 mph is a league-high.

His walk-off single to beat the Baltimore Orioles last week was hit 121.1 mph, the hardest-hit ball for a walk-off tracked by Statcast since 2015.

With a slash line of .268/.361/.493, there are much better hitters than Stanton. But the entertainment value, with that strength and ability to drive the ball?

This is a rare athlete.

Watch Stanton, standing 6'6" during a postgame interview, just disappear as the 5'10" Brett Gardner tries to douse him with ice.