The World Series was pretty great for the second year in a row, and we’re in the middle of a dinger golden age. Is baseball great? You bet. But it’s very possible that the sport is also broken on some level. Some of the principals seem to think so, especially when it comes to the economics of the game. We’re currently staring at the end of a glacially-paced offseason that may result in several star players going into Spring Training without jobs due to the inability of teams to spend on free agents in the way that they almost always do. A work stoppage has been mentioned as a possible response to the rampant frugality and increasing allegations of collusion, but while the rhetoric seems to be intense, we’re probably not there … yet. The current collective bargaining agreement expires in December 2021. That means there’s a lot of time for that rancor to grow, but there’s also a little bit of time to save baseball from itself. And I’ve got a plan to do it. It’s a plan that involves the seemingly impossible resurrection of a shuttered franchise, and the fleecing of some rich guys to pay some other rich guys a whole lotta money.