Miami’s LeBron James — AKA, the Best Player on the Planet — is in his 10th NBA season, and it’s possible we’re only just beginning to see his best basketball. A huge favorite to win his fourth MVP award, King James is pairing career-high efficiency with his usual all-around brilliance entering Sunday’s game at the AT&T Center. Check his stats, indeed: 26.9 – Points per game, fourth in the NBA. 8.1 – Rebounds per game, 28th in the NBA and first among small forwards. 7.3 – Assists per game, 11th in the NBA and first among non-point guards. 1.74 – Steals per game, 14th in the NBA and third among non-guards. 56.0 – Shooting percentage from the floor, career high and second in the NBA among players averaging at least 10 shots per game. 40.4 – Shooting percentage on 3-pointers, career high and 19th in the NBA among players with at least 200 attempts. 77.7 – Shooting percentage at the rim, career high and second in the NBA among players averaging at least five such shots per game. 63.6 – True shooting percentage (incorporates 2-pointers, 3-pointers and free throws into one measure), career high and third in the NBA. 31.4 – Player Efficiency Rating (a measure of per-minute production, standardized so 15.0 is the league average), first in the NBA. 18.1 – Win shares (an estimate of the number of victories contributed by a player), first in the NBA. 92.9 – James’ FG percentage while scoring 31 points against Charlotte on Feb. 4, the first time a player had scored that many while shooting at least 90 percent since Chamberlain in 1967. 2 – Number of players to have won an NBA championship, the MVP award and an Olympic gold medal in the same calendar year: James and Michael Jordan. 4 – MVP awards James will likely have after this season, more than any player in history but Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (six), Jordan (five), Bill Russell (five) and Wilt Chamberlain (four).