When the mega-deal between the Miami Marlins and the Toronto Blue Jays occurred, I proposed that the Marlins would have future difficulty getting free agents to come to south Florida because of their prior poor negotiations with players. In particular, I proposed that the team's latest trade broke all trust between the Marlins and free agents when it came to assurances regarding trades. The Marlins apparently made numerous verbal commitments to players about the team's desire to not trade them. Mark Buehrle mentioned that the Marlins "lied [to him] on multiple occasions" regarding not being traded. Now Jose Reyes has joined the discussion, as he too mentions that the Marlins made verbal promises to him that he would not be dealt. "Five days before I got traded I was with the owner of the Miami Marlins and he said he was never going to trade me," Reyes recalled. If you take Reyes for his word (and I do not see a reason not to), it is hard to look at this in retrospect and see it as anything but disingenuous on the part of Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria. Loria, as we all know, was the one who centered the team's 2012 offseason plan around acquiring Reyes, as the club famously made a trek to Reyes's residence at 12:01 AM on the evening free agency began that offseason. Even throughout the midseason trades, the Marlins seemed like they were ready to move on with Reyes as part of the team's core. So it was quite shocking, not only to Reyes but Marlins fans in general, that he was sent away in the Blue Jays trade.