When news of the Miami Marlins trade with the Toronto Blue Jays came out, I mentioned that I would boycott the Marlins and avoid providing financial support for the team as a way to show my lack of support for owner Jeffrey Loria. However, I also said that boycotting the team should not preclude fans from supporting the team via other means and watching the Marlins play. As I mentioned, however, the Marlins should not go unloved, even in public. The boycott does not mean that you do not speak of the Marlins and their 2013 play, nor does it mean that you should not proudly wear the gear you already have. And while this boycott calls for you to forego all purchases of tickets in 2013, it does not mean that you should not watch the team via television or MLB.tv if you have the chance. By all means, you should support the Marlins in any way that would still keep you from spending a dime on this team and giving it to Loria. I know that I will be tracking the team via their telecasts, as a part of that money is already guaranteed centrally to the Marlins as part of a larger fund. The Marlins have their television deals set, regardless of what I do right now, so using the television or radio is the safest bet for you to follow your favorite team without supporting its heinous owner.