Wilmer Flores is up for anything that increases his chances of playing. So as unconventional as outfield might sound for the slow-footed Flores — who has never played an inning outside the infield in his major league career — he is willing to give it a try for the Mets. Flores, according to manager Mickey Callaway, will begin taking fly balls in the next day or two from outfield coach Ruben Amaro Jr. “I learned how to play first base to be in the lineup,” Flores said Monday. “If I have to learn how to be in the outfield to get at least one more game, I will do it.” Callaway also intends to have Jose Reyes take fly balls during camp. Last season Reyes played two games in the outfield. Flores took grounders at third base during Monday’s drills, but will also figure into the mix at first and second.