Three cheers and a round of Geritol. It's time to toast the two men that time forgot. They may be old by professional sports standards. They may be older than virtually all the arenas and many of the coaches in the National Hockey League. But to see Nik Lidstrom and Teemu Selanne in action Monday night was to have witnessed two of sports greatest marvels. Old guys with game. Let's start with Lidstrom, the 40-year Detroit Red Wings' defenceman who scored his 15th of the season in a loss to the Chicago Blackhawks. The goal gave him 60 points and a slice of history. No other NHL defenceman has ever been so productive at an age when most players have become ex-players and taken up golf full-time. And honestly, it's not just the points that underline Lidstrom's mastery. It's his consistency and durability. He's never played in fewer than 76 games in 19 NHL seasons. Try explaining that one to Vancouver Canucks' counterpart Sami Salo, who can't stay healthy for the life of him. It's almost inexplicable, just like a Matt Cooke elbow.