The Boston Celtics traded Kemba Walker to the Oklahoma City Thunder earlier in the NBA offseason and will soon look to make another deal.

We knew that Walker was going to be moved this offseason with OKC being a potential trade suitor for him while moving Al Horford to a landing spot he wanted to go. That could have been the plan of Sam Presti. He has loaded the Thunder with plenty of assets over the next five years. Oklahoma City has a ton of draft picks from deals involving players like Paul George and Russell Westbrook.

The Thunder went into full rebuild mode after a postseason appearance last year when Chris Paul was traded to Phoenix. The Thunder might have made a deal for Walker but it seems unlikely that he will be a member of the team for the long-term future.

The Dallas Mavericks could be a potential destination for Walker. They could be looking for a backcourt partner for Luka Doncic to take some of the ball-handling pressure away. With the recent developments surrounding Kristaps Porzingis, this trade could line up.

Porzingis wants to go to a team where he is the focal point of the offense. He would certainly be that in Oklahoma City but he would have to sacrifice some wins and the postseason. Regardless, Dallas has plenty of reasons to move Porzingis.

When looking at the intrigue of this deal for both sides, it could make sense. Let’s take a look at an NBA trade scenario that sends Kristaps Porzingis from the Dallas Mavericks to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Dallas Mavericks Receive: G Kemba Walker, F Kenrich Williams, 2022 first-round pick (via LAC)

Oklahoma City Thunder Receive: C/F Kristaps Porzingis, G Josh Richardson

Kemba Walker would give the Dallas Mavericks a score-first point guard in the lineup. The idea is that Luka Doncic had to shoulder such a heavy burden during the playoffs and didn’t have another player to turn to that could run pick-and-rolls or isolate at a high-level. Kemba Walker would ideally become that player in this NBA trade scenario.