Mavericks fans who have been brave enough to keep watching of late, may think they're watching one of the absolute worst teams in the NBA. The sad truth is, they aren't. Mavs fans under the age of 25, probably even under the age of 30, have no real appreciation of what the lowest echelon of basketball actually looks like, and believe me, I'm not saying that as a cheerleader for this squad or as someone who is certain they'd rather watch tonight's game than get punched in the nuts. The sad truth is, for as horrible as they've been at rebounding, the Mavericks are actually still 19th overall. For as horrible as they've been at passing, they're still 13th overall in assists. For as lackluster as their offense has appeared, they're still 13th overall in scoring. For as porous as their defense has been, the Mavericks are still 23rd in...okay, that actually sucks pretty bad. But those aren't just numbers indicating badness, they're numbers indicating that in every case except the D, there are at least 10, more often 17 teams worse than what you're witnessing. It just doesn't feel like that because of the dissonance between expectations and performance in this case. The shittiness here is not absolute, it is relative.