THERE WERE NO skulls available, so Trevor Lawrence grabbed a grapefruit instead.

In July 2019, just a few months after he led Clemson to 2018's college football national championship, Lawrence was cajoled by his older brother, Chase, and sister-in-law, Brooke, to fill in as a model for a series of life-sized oil paintings that the couple had been commissioned to paint. Trevor, the projected No. 1 pick in the NFL draft, is 21 now, and has been a can't-miss pro prospect since he was a teenager, and the one guiding force through it all has been his unique relationship with Chase, a free spirit, deep thinker and accomplished artist who, to the outside world, perhaps, seems like Trevor's exact opposite.

"But they really truly are best friends," says Brooke.

So when Chase, who is nearly 5 years older, explained the dark, Baroque-style, religious-themed painting he envisioned of a monk staring at a skull and then asked his little brother to help, Trevor happily donned a monk's wardrobe, even after learning the piece was for an art collector who also happened to be a Georgia Bulldogs fan.

The brothers set up a makeshift studio in the darkened sunroom off the kitchen of their parents' home. Trevor pulled the hood down over his face until the stark shadows captured his distinct chin and high cheekbones. (Chase, who has similar features and the same magnificent family mane, posed as the monk for the second painting in the series.) And just as Trevor grabbed the grapefruit/skull and leaned in ominously, gesticulating toward the candle-lit mantel, the boys' mom burst in, freezing in her tracks at the bizarre scene.