Lonzo Ball’s workout for the Los Angeles Lakers went about as expected. The team’s brass was also reassured that he was a humble kid, completely different from his loquacious father LaVar Ball. But according to Kevin Ding, Ball didn’t solidify himself as the guy for the Lakers at No. 2. If the Lakers do pass on the Ball with the second pick, they do have other options. Here’s a look at what they could choose to do. Trade down and accumulate assets Naturally someone is going to have a favorite player in this draft who will still be on the board at No. 2. With Markelle Fultz all but guaranteed to be the first pick, there are still some great options out there. The Lakers could send the second pick to a team in the top seven that wanted to move up for one of the elite guys in this draft. In the process, Los Angeles could demand that team’s pick, plus it’s 2018 first-rounder and more. Thanks to this being a deep draft, the Lakers would still likely end up with a good player in the top seven, while also adding a pick next year when they won’t have their own. Obviously more would have to be added on both sides of any equation in order to make a deal work, but it’s an option worth considering if the Lakers aren’t sold on anyone at No. 2.