As many New Yorkers do when they retire, Yankees legend Derek Jeter has settled down in a nice Florida condo. But he’s hardly your typical silver-haired retiree, and the Coconut Grove condo he’s selected is in a different galaxy from stereotypical senior living accommodations. Jeter, 43, is busy with his life’s second act. Having spent his entire 20-year MLB career starring at shortstop for the New York Yankees, the five-time World Series champ is now the co-owner and CEO of the Miami Marlins. So you’d expect Jeter to be living in a palatial home in one of Miami‘s newest and most luxurious condo complexes, along with his wife, model Hannah Jeter, and their 3-month old daughter, Bella Raine. GossipExtra reports that the Jeter family recently moved into a five-bedroom, 6.5-bath, 5,522-square-foot condo in the Grove building at Grand Bay. Jeter’s currently leasing with an option to buy. If he decides to stick around, he’ll need to dig deeper into his pockets — the unit is currently listed for sale for $6.5 million. Records show it recently popped up as a rental for $30,000 a month. Other units in the same complex are available for rent at $25,000 a month and $11,000 a month. Two-bedroom units in the complex are available for purchase for as low as a million bucks.