Those who thought Washington’s NFL franchise actually made a good decision were quickly thwarted on Wednesday when fake stories about the team changing its nickname were circulated on social media. According to the reports, the team was changing its name to “Redhawks” according to some slickly Photoshopped news items from various sites that circulated on social media. Expecting a franchise that can’t even maintain a playable grass field to make a socially conscious decision to stop deriding the continent’s first human inhabitants seems like a bit of a stretch, but the goal of many Native and First Nations activists appeared achieved until eagle-eyed Internet denizens spotted some problems with the photos being passed off as legitimate. First of all, no links were provided to these stories and none of the URLs were correct. But on Twitter, the plot is fairly clever. It seems like the group even spoofed some URLs so that they appear to link to news outlets while on Twitter, only to redirect to the group’s website once you click through.