The progression of reactions to Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy-related extension news. 2007 Rage. Measured, calm rage at times, but rage all the same. 2009 Pure rage. Blind, vengeful rage. The rage of fans who tasted what it was like to have half of a great team. 2011 Okay, whatever. Take whatever you want. Here's the key. Do whatever you feel like for next two decades. You've earned it. But we're still suspicious of you, dammit. 2013? Okay. Bochy and Sabean are apparently a package deal now, as this will likely be the third time in a row that the two will have their contracts extended together. When the news comes, you will not be surprised. There will be no spit-takes. Your coffee mug will not drop to the floor and shatter as you realize the true meaning of what you just learned. You will say, "Okay."