The New York Giants have been one of the more disappointing teams in 2019, but they’re faring a lot better than they did last season. Thanks to the talent that has accumulated with the team, the fans have a more positive outlook from the season and, subsequently, heading into the 2020 NFL Draft.

Since the Giants are likely going to be at the top of the draft, there is a treasure trove of talent that they can go for. There are plenty of ways they can approach this, but the most logical decision they can take in their situation is EDGE Chase Young.

The Ohio State defensive end is in this third (and likely final) year playing collegiate football. He has the unique skill set of power and speed that makes him an instantly desirable player among the teams in need of defensive help in the NFL.

The stat sheet tells you all you need to learn about Young. He’s been nearly unstoppable for the Buckeyes, in large part due to his 6-5, 265-pound body. He’s an unstoppable defender that completed a total of 29 tackles, one pass deflection, and 13.5 sacks in only eight appearances in 2019.