They are stacking the dead in a refrigerated truck outside a Queens hospital where 13 people lost their lives yesterday to the coronavirus. The worst is yet to come. This is a nightmare with an indeterminate end. And New York City, as the canary in the coal mine, is just the beginning. The fight there will become the fight in hamlets and villages from sea to sea. We are a nation caught looking and the course to normalcy is a marathon, not a sprint.

To think that they'll play baseball games a few miles away in Flushing in a few weeks is absurd. It does not compute. The idea of our national pastime as the Great Distractor is a shiny object of no substance. A nice, rosy thought to steal before sighing and facing each day that bleeds into the next.

Rob Manfred, appearing on SportsCenter last night, was mostly sober and clear-minded about the challenges ahead. He, like everyone else, does not have the answers or a crystal ball to glimpse into a brighter future. He knows the season could very well never begin.