Few pro athletes have fallen out of favor so quickly in Baltimore as Ravens running back Ray Rice. There have been others who came to town with troubled reputations and lived up to them, and others who came with athletic promise and fell because of injuries. But none like Rice. Once a Baltimore golden boy, he just keeps falling and falling and falling. Rice crashed again over the weekend. He and his fiancee, Janay Palmer, were arrested after an incident at an Atlantic City casino, according to a statement from the Atlantic City Police Department. Video surveillance showed the two parties involved in a physical altercation, the police statement said. There are various reports of what happened during the fight, but it will all come out because as NFL players often say about video, "The eye in the sky don't lie." Of course, these are just charges and both still have to go through the judicial process. Regardless, it is another incident involving Rice. The Ravens, the NFL and Rice's corporate sponsors can't be happy. It all goes against his image. He has always been active in the community, and some of his stories about reshaping lives through his involvement in anti-bullying campaigns will make you cry. He had become a spokesman for the league and a face of the Ravens because his story of becoming an undersized star was remarkable. He was charming, articulate and corporate. Next to quarterback Joe Flacco and maybe outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, Rice had become a voice of the new Ravens once linebacker Ray Lewis retired and safety Ed Reed left. But a year later, there is a trail of deceit, discontent and a lack of production. There are new questions about Rice and integrity issues. Is the real Ray Rice the one we have seen in the last year?