Judging by the lukewarm response to my post about renegotiating Tyson Clabo's contract, I'm guessing some of you are somewhat skeptical about this idea. I respect that. But if you're skeptical, I'd like to introduce to my good friend. His name is Reality. He sucks at life. While I'd love to bathe myself in Arthur Blank's magical pot of gold, I know I can't. Because it doesn't exist. The salary cap isn't going anywhere, it just isn't. Mr. Blank can't just throw money at this team ad nauseum, even if he wants to. There are limits. Renegotiation happens. It's part of this league. It will happen this off-season; the question is not if, it's when. So since someone is likely to renegotiate, we at the Falcoholic feel it's necessary to opine endlessly about who those/that player(s) will be. And that's what y'all come here for, mindless opining and such. We all love Stephen Nicholas. We're all familiar with his story, and it tugs at the heart strings. But this is a business. So let's talk business. Nicholas is a good linebacker. He's not great, he's good. There's a difference. He signed a five year, $17.5 million extension before the 2011 season. He made $1.5 million in base salary this year. He's due for considerable raises in 2013, 2014, and 2015.