Acquiring a new, young guard is a rite of spring, right up there with leaves budding and getting drenched in a rainstorm because you're way too cool to carry an umbrella. Okay, so maybe you have to squint a little. In the last four drafts, the Falcons have acquired five players in the draft who were either primarily guards or ended up getting playing time there. Those are Garrett Reynolds (2009), Mike Johnson and Joe Hawley (2010), Andrew Jackson (2011) and Peter Konz (2012). That's not to mention the calvacade of undrafted free agents who have had at least some time on the roster, and currently Harland Gunn and Phillipkeith Manley are hanging around as UDFAs. Consider, if you will, that all of these guards have been brought in with Justin Blalock nailed to a starting job at left guard. The Falcons have been trying for this entire time to find a reliable right guard, one who could provide the skills of a Harvey Dahl on the salary of a rookie mid-rounder. The results of those efforts up to this point have been, to put it delicately, mixed.