Lamar Jackson is struggling. With what? Oh, just with "everything." He says it grinning. For the greatest individual show in college football, like it or not, this is a time of change. The 2017 season isn't just going to be about running it back. It's about taking "the next step." There's a time to win championships and a time to prepare for the NFL. The greedy think they can do both. The insatiable know they can. "I promise you, winning a national championship is still the No.1 goal." Jackson says. "There will be no down year for me. I love this game, this team, too much for that." But here he is, the reigning Heisman winner, preparing for a season in a way that completely changes what made him and his team the most dangerous offensive combination in the game last season—in a way that we've seen damage potential contenders in the past. The suped-up, 21st-century version of Michael Vick you saw running the Louisville offense from the shotgun last year will take snaps under center this season. A lot of them. Maybe even more than 50 percent. This, of course, begs the question: Why?