It is becoming more and more apparent the key name for Jacoby Ellsbury this winter is his old Red Sox teammate Carl Crawford Ellsbury's agent Scott Boras has named an asking price, one interested team said. But it seems clear now that Crawford's $142-million, seven-year deal is a benchmark in discussions. While recently discussing Ellsbury and Shin-Soo Choo, Boras' other top free-agent outfielder, Boras said, "Carl Crawford (who signed for $142 million over seven years) lives. And Jayson Werth signed for seven years (and $126 million) at age 32." Boras also has mentioned in the past that Ellsbury's value is actually higher than Crawford's was when he was a free agent since Ellsbury is a center fielder who bats leadoff while Crawford played left field and batted second (at least at the time). Another difference according to Boras, is that Ellsbury has proved he can thrive in Boston, a pressure cooker environment. Ultimately, Crawford wilted in Boston but has come back to play better in Los Angeles. Boras also mentions that the Crawford deal was struck three years ago, and baseball's finances have gotten even better since. One rival GM, who won't be playing for Ellsbury, came back, "Crawford was better and more durable (at the time)." It'll be interesting to see what those involved think.