It finally happened. The move that everyone, including the Philadelphia Eagles, didn't believe would happen until it did. Jalen Hurts has taken the starting quarterback job from Carson Wentz. After Wentz managed less than 100 yards passing and zero touchdown drives in a little over one half of play against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Hurts took over. On Tuesday, it became official as head coach Doug Pederson announced Hurts would be the starting quarterback for this week's matchup against the New Orleans Saints.

This does not portend good fortune for the Eagles. Hurts looked decent against the Packers given the circumstances, but Wentz is sitting on the bench with a huge salary and an even bigger cap hit. That is not exactly the platonic ideal of resource management. But sometimes these things just happen. The band-aid had to be ripped off after Wentz' exceptionally poor play this year, regardless of the money currently sunk into the former No. 2 overall pick.

Now that the Band-Aid has been ripped off, though, the Eagles have to stick with Hurts. Given that Philadelphia is still very much in the race for the NFC East title, the temptation to switch back to Wentz will be strong if Hurts doesn't play well this Sunday.