Start the sad violins. START THEM! Do you hear that sound? It is the sound of Deron Williams looking into his soul and reminiscing about his time spent in Utah. No. Really. He is. I HAVE PROOF. "I was injured the first year (and needed season-ending right wrist surgery)," Williams said Monday, a day before the Nets host the Jazz at Barclays Center. "I've really had injuries while I've been with (the Nets) the whole time. And didn't have the talent around me that I did (with the Jazz). "And that system (in Utah) was a great system for my style of play. I'm a system player, and I loved Coach (Jerry) Sloan's system. I loved the offense there. We could've been a really good team. We just weren't that good defensively as a group." Via Mike Mazzeo of Many times it has been theorized that Williams was a system player and that he looked out of his element over there in New Jersey. Many times has it been pointed that numerous players just were not the same since leaving Jerry Sloan Utah. Many players under Sloan have thrived. He knew how to use his talents (no, not you Fesenko) and how to get the best out of them. He put them in situations where they could succeed. The offense was a work of art with Deron Williams, AK, Boozer, and Okur at their prime. IT. WAS. AN. OPUS.